We are a software development company based in Greenwich, London. We develop custom built and solution driven digital products to help our customers build up their business, drive sales and improve their user experiences.

What services do we provide?

App Development

Flutter Projects
Xamarin Projects

Website Development

UI / UX Design
CMS Web Development

Product Design

User Experience Design (UX)
Rapid Prototyping

Brand Identity

Creative × Ideation
Visual Identity

Our story

Codesign Interactive Ltd, established in 2017 by Director Yue Jin, brings over a decade of IT industry expertise. Collaborating diligently with our development and project management teams in London, Hong Kong and New Zealand, we take pride in delivering exceptional services to clients spanning diverse industries such as Real Estate, Education, Banking, Digital Media, Entertainment, Antique Agency, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Why Codesign?

Our team consists of web developers and front-end designers all equipped with more than 10 years of solid experiences in their own areas. We are professional and efficient.

Our team comes from an international background. Being multinational and bilingual, we have better understanding towards certain markets and clients, and better communication with parties with Chinese background and local background. We have more experiences in integrating our products with some Chinese local platforms to meet certain needs. All in all, these mean a more efficient and smooth working process and products that suit clients with Chinese background when it is needed.

We understand that most of our clients are start-up businesses like us that need support. We therefore work closely with our talented team overseas to keep our cost low and hence make sure we deliver high quality products with more affordable prices to our clients.

What is our philosophy?

We believe in a user-centered approach to digital product and service design.

What is a standard process of your service?

Although processes and timescales of different projects may vary, here is a standard process of our services for your reference.

Consulting - Design - Coding - Testing - Launching

Please get in touch for an accurate project process and timescale tailor-made for you.

Can I have free quotations?

Yes you most certainly can. All our quotations and project timescales are provided free to you.

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